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Women's Health Physiotherapy & Postnatal Rehabilitation

A woman’s body is far more complicated than man’s body, especially when the woman has gone through pre & postnatal stages. At Core Fitness, we understand the frustration and worries of new mothers when they start to experience changes in their bodies during and after the pregnancy. Our women’s health physiotherapists have developed an effective program to help mother to handle the conditions listed below:

  • Existing or new onset back & pelvic girdle pain
  • Groin & leg
  • wrist & thumb pain
  • Neck & shoulder stiffness due to breast feeding and carrying baby
  • Rectus diastasis (tummy separating)
  • Recovery after vaginal/caesarean section
  • Breastfeeding related blocked ducts/mastitis
  • Urinary dysfunction such as incontinence
  • Pelvic floor issues

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapists are dedicated to providing our female patients with outstanding professional care at every stage of their lives. Our approach combines manual therapy work and Pilates exercises which work the best for prenatal and postnatal recovery. Our goal is to help mothers stay fit and healthy.

Postnatal Telehealth & Home visit

We understand that it is difficult for some new mothers to leave their babies at home to seek treatment. Therefore, we offer postnatal telehealth to help new mothers receive treatment at home. If telehealth is not a viable option for you, our physiotherapist can do a home visit to see you.

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