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Sports Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Being active is good and healthy, but it may also increase the chances of getting injured. Injuries can always be avoided and prevented. Our approach to sports injury and management includes the following stages:

  1. Identify and understand the biomechanics relating to the injury
  2. Identify movement demands for specific sport
  3. Holistic treatment for body alignment and imbalances
  4. Improve movement strategy to optimise sport performance
  5. Educate on injury prevention and recurrence

The common sports injuries we treat includes:

✔ Spinal disc injury
✔ Muscle strain or ligament sprain
✔ Joint degeneration/arthritis
✔ Stress fracture
✔ Dysfunctional movement patterns

✔ Golfers elbow/ tennis elbow
✔ Shoulder pain – rotator cuff impingement
✔ Hip arthritis
✔ Meniscus or ligament injury in the knee

Sports Injury Management

Our sports physiotherapists are experienced and confident in treating a wide variety of sports injuries, from the legs up to the spine problems. These include sprains, muscle strains, dislocations, and recovery from surgery.  The initial management focuses on resolving pain, reducing swelling, facilitating healing, minimise scar tissue, regain mobility, strength, and stability. We customise treatment that will get you back in the sport as quickly as possible.

Structural Bodywork

Structural bodywork is a process-based approach typically involving soft tissue manipulation and movement therapy techniques that help to release tension holding patterns in muscles, improve joint movement, and achieve balance within your body and gravity. Through therapeutic soft tissue work and awareness movement training, you can release painful, stressful patterns of tension and chronic pain. Structural bodywork can enhance the sport performance by balancing the structure (joint, muscles) of the body and help to resolve any old injuries.

Golf Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists can help golfers with a holistic approach to improve golf swing efficiency, resolve pain, improve stability and mobility of joints, core strength and balance.

Our step-by-step approach includes:

  1. Identify the limitations of body structure which contribute to the pain of joints in golf swing.
  2. Revolve the pain and improve muscular flexibility, joint mobility, core strength and balance.
  3. Connect the structure of the body to improve the golf swing efficiency.

Movement Restoration

After resolving the pain and injury, our physiotherapist will help you to regain full function with sport specific exercises and address underlying biomechanics issues, improve agility, power and injury prevention. At Core Fitness, our physiotherapists work together with our highly trained Pilates and GYROTONIC® instructors to help you with the conditioning of your body. 

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